All-In Nation Poll

As a follow-up to All-In Nation: An America that Works for All, the Center for American Progress and PolicyLink commissioned a nationwide, multilingual poll funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to examine how Americans view rising diversity, their concerns about inequality, and their level of support for the policy recommendations outlined in All-In Nation.

One of the largest surveys of its kind, Building an All-In Nation: A View from the American Public found that most Americans are open to diversity, support steps to reduce inequalities between racial and ethnic groups, and are more likely to see rising diversity as an opportunity than a challenge. In fact, 69 percent of respondents agree that “a bigger, more diverse workforce will lead to more economic growth” and that “diverse workplaces and schools will help make American businesses more innovative and competitive.” Furthermore, Americans strongly support a new equity agenda designed to reduce racial and ethnic inequality. More than 7 in 10 Americans support “new steps to reduce racial and ethnic inequality in America through investments in areas like education, job training, and infrastructure improvement”—including 63 percent support among whites. Support for reducing this inequality even garners monetary support—61 percent say they would be willing to invest “significantly more public funds to help close [the] gap in college graduation rates” between black and Latino students and white students.

Building an All-In Nation: A View from the American Public clearly shows that Americans not only understand the long-term effects of inequality but also embrace diversity as an asset that will help build an America that both works for and benefits all.